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Roe Lane Playing Fields

Roe Lane playing fields , newcastle town fc youth playing section

Newcastle Town FC and it’s Youth Section acquired the 20-acre football site from Newcastle-under-Lyme Council in April 2016.

The club had long been seeking a site for its 20+ youth teams (now standing at a mega 5
2 teams) and it's Roe Lane base was ideal in location and size.

The club undertook major maintenance works on the pitches to increase the quality of the surfaces, and the work is ongoing. Additionally, with the help of Red Industries, the club renovated a disused building into a fantastic gym which all players of the club become free member
s of.


In 2023, thanks to significant investment from Red Industries and the Football Foundation, we built a brand new 3G football facility, which will be used by all of our teams at Newcastle Town FC, as well as being available to the local community. 

The club holds Summer Camps, weekly Soccer Clubs, it’s Football Academy, Summer tournaments, safeguarding and first aid courses and many more events throughout the year to keep hundreds of children playing sport all year round.

Roe Lane Playing Fields
Newcastle under Lyme
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Newcastle Town Football Club Youth have a purpose-built gym supported through
the Red Industries Landfill Fund.
The gym is open to members both internal and external. Please find attached documents with information on how to get involved. 

To book the Gym facilities please contact
Phone: 01782 617993

Red Indusries Lt waste management
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