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Our Soccer School has been running for over 20 years and aims to provide fun football coaching to children of any ability  from our local community


Where:  Roe Lane Playing Fields, Newcastle, ST5 3PH

When: Saturday 10am -12pm

Who: Boys and Girls aged between 5 and 18, any & all abilities (Disabilities welcome)

Cost: £6 for each 2-hour session (pay on the day)

Any other questions, please see our Frequently Asked Question below or contact:


newcastle town soccer school facebook page

Learn Skills - Fun - Exciting - Enjoyment - Taking Part - Keep Fit - Outdoor activity

Frequently Asked Questions


Q How Can I join

  • Turn up on a Saturday morning before 10 am and fill out a very quick registration. You can immediately start playing 


Q Who can join

  • Absolutely anybody between 5-17

  • We actively encourage girls to get involved.

  • We also cater for kids with disabilities 

  • It doesn’t matter what your ability is….even if you haven’t kicked a football before.


Q What kit do I need?    

  •  We play on grass so long studs in the winter, short studs in the summer.

  •  You must wear shin pads and bring a drink.

  •  Always dress for the weather….lots of layers in the winter….hats gloves etc


Q As a parent, do I need to stay?

  • You are welcome to stay

  • All of the coaches are trained and CRB checked so you can leave your child with us, knowing they will be looked after


Q Is it on every week?

  • We only plan to be closed for a couple for weeks at Christmas and a week at Easter

  • However, in really adverse conditions, we may need to cancel sessions –we always post closure notices on our Facebook page:

Q Do I need to attend every week

  • Obviously the more that you attend, the better at football you will become.

  • However, there is no obligation to attend….turn up as often or as little as you want

Q Will my child learn anything?

  • Our coaches follow a curriculum and every session has been planned in advance to ensure that the right skills are taught at the right age 

  • By attending, the children will pick up lots of social skills, mixing with other children. 

  • Our coaches encourage good behaviour/manners and ensure that the session is controlled, based on mutual respect.

  • However, football is about having fun and the main aim is for everyone to be engaged and enjoy playing in a safe and nurturing environment 


Q As a parent, can I get involved


  • The whole “Youth Development” section of the club is run by volunteers, who work free of charge. Without these volunteers, we would not have a football club….so yes please, anything you can do to help


 Q Why do we do it:

  • It provides local kids with an opportunity to have some fun, play with other kids in the area and learn some football skills

  • It provides the club with an opportunity to recruit new players into the many junior and youth teams we have

  • Here at Newcastle Town FC, football is our passion and we pride our selves on our dedication to young people in our local community. It is our hope that our first team is made up of players that have come from our own area of Newcastle. We want to see boys and girls in our local area, taking part and enjoying the game we love. We would love to see the next Stanley Matthews or Lionel Messi coming out of the school but you know what, it’s about having some fun, and meeting up with other kids with the same interest….it gets you into the open air and is a great form of exercise


Q Where does the money go to?

  • The soccer school is a not profit-making organisation. After paying our pitch fees, any money that is left over goes into the youth development section to redistribute to the kids.

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