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Junior / Youth Teams

Here at Newcastle Town FC we have over 52 junior and youth teams that run from our training centre at Roe Lane

We have teams that play across various leagues including

How can we Join ?

The most common question we get asked here at Newcastle Town is how can our son or daughter get involved with your club.

The best way to start with us is to join our Saturday Soccer School, as this allows our club to help see players and get them ready to join teams and we constantly have coaches who work with the soccer school who will pick players up this way.

To visit the Soccer School CLICK HERE

The other way is to contact us and see if we have any teams after players, this can now be done by clicking the link below and completing the Newcastle Town player interest form, this will then be circulated to the coaches of the Age group you are looking for and if they are after players they will contact you back.

If you submit a form and have not heard back withing 7 days then we are most likely full in that age group currently but we will keep your details on file and when that age group are after players we will contact you.

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