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Football v Homophobia 2023

If you are able to get along to our home game with Prescot Cables on Saturday you will see a Pride progress flag on display. You may also be handed a flier as you make your way to the game.

That’s because for Saturday’s game specifically – and of course as a responsible club we do this throughout the year – we are supporting ‘Football against homophobia’.  

February is LGBT History Month as well as the Football v Homophobia month of action, so this is a particularly appropriate time to support our LGBT community and say that everyone is welcome at our club.

The ethos of Football v Homophobia is that ‘by working together across football, we can all make a difference’ and the purpose of the campaign is to challenge discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity expression at all levels in the game.

Our long-serving club captain James Askey will also wear the Progress captain’s armband for Saturday’s game.


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