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Nathan Morley

As most of our supporters will know last season we sadly lost Nathan Morley to injury, after months of investigational work and Nathan seeing various doctors and medical personal it has come to light that the injury is worse than what we thought.

We are reaching out to everybody not only within the football world but the wider community for your generosity in supporting Nathan Morley who is a fantastic young talented player with a potential full-time football career ahead of him.

After a fantastic 1st half of the season Nathan has sustained a rather complicated, unusual and abnormal injury that requires specialist corrective surgery, after various consultations it has become clear this cannot be completed via the NHS. We understand in the current economic climate this is a big ask so we will thank you in advance for even considering a donation however small, it will all count to support Nathan playing again as it will give him a real opportunity to continue onto his pathway to excellence and a full-time career in football.

The Injury

Nathan has a chronic partial tear of his left common adductor-recuts abdominis aponeurosis and a partial tear of the left adductor breves muscle.

The Surgery

The Injury that Nathan has sustained requires PLAC reconstructive surgery, and ultimately, he will not play again unless this is surgically repaired correctly. After weeks of investigating by club stalwart Geoff Eccleston and my assistant manager Paul Groves we were advised by Mark Gillett ‘Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist and former chairman of the Premier League Doctors Group’ that Professor Ernest Schilders in London specialized in this field and has completed over 100 surgeries of this type on premier league footballers including other professional athletes with great success using his pioneering technique. Nathan has now seen professor Schilders, it can be repaired but this will come at a heavy price.

The Cost

As Nathan was a former professional at Burton Albion and member of the PFA, we thought this maybe a route to get some funding, however we have had the devastating news that at this current time this will not be possible. We now have a solution but need to raise £15,000 to get Nathan back on the pitch. As a non league football club at step 4 this is just not an amount of money we can just pull from the coffers as you can imagine and this is why we seek your support.

If you can help in anyway please click the link to visit the gofundme campiagn


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