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NTFC Team up with UHNM to promote free NHS Lung Health Checks!

Newcastle Town Football Club is delighted to be teaming up with our local hospital Royal Stoke to offer supporters aged 55-74 a free MOT for their lungs as part of a national Targeted Lung Health Check Programme.

If you’re registered with a Staffordshire GP and within the specified age range and are a current or ex-smoker, then you should take advantage of this free service.

It could be life-saving.

The process is straightforward. All you need to do is to call 01782 671554 to speak to one of the hospital’s specialist nurses. You’ll be asked a few simple questions and depending on the outcome could be asked to come in for a CT scan.

Newcastle Town chairman Gavin Appleby said: “I am very happy to back this NHS programme and I hope a lot of our supporters, especially those that are in the age group who might be impacted, will do the same.

“I would urge anyone reading this and thinking I’m not sure if I want to do this to take a deep breath and think about how they’d feel if they had the chance to get the check, didn’t and had a diagnosis further down the line. That doesn’t bear thinking about, so please don’t put it off – get an appointment booked today.”

If lung cancer is found early, treatment is far more likely to be successful. So, don’t hang about, get checked out.

You can also go to for more information.


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